Cartoons also has its place in the field of web multimedia. It helps enhance graphics and website contents. Cartoons can help stir the motions of website visitors and provide better presentation of information.

However, it takes a great deal of skill and imagination to produce an artistic cartoon illustration. That is why digit idea provides cartoonist who have a wide sense of creation and effective illustration skills with competitive pricing and high quality service

Video Editing


The production quality of a video/film relies heavily on the editing therefore it is essential to have a video editor with a great sense of art and great knowledge on different technical innovations on video editing.

With all these said, Digit Idea ensures that its video editors have it all from technical knowledge up to skills and creativity.

Data Entry


In the fast changing environment of business today having access to accurate and detailed information is a necessity from small to large scale industry. In any scenario information is an asset and you would usually need an overwhelming amount of data in order to progress.

To help you gather large amount of data that you would need for your business, we offer you proficient data encoders with broad knowledge on how businesses run and the ability to quickly grasp information from different sources.



Websites are great assets for business and personal use. Aside from being functional, a website with an eye catching web design attracts most of the visitors. To produce an excellent design is to have a competent web designer do the job. A competent designer also knows that it’s not just about having an eye catching web design, he makes sure the interface design of a website is user friendly.

Digit Idea offers designers who are well-versed in all types of website designs and flow.